Is web promotion outsourcing overstepping Google policies?

Google has prescribed some basic rules and policies that website owners need to adhere to if they wish to remain listed on the largest search engine. Google’s basic aim is to make available the most relevant information in relation to a keyword entered by an user. Some experts are of the opinion that web promotion outsourcing is hampering Google’s constant effort to achieve that end. This however is not true because most of the successful web promotion outsourcing firms are experts at their respective domains and are well aware of things that work and things that don’t.

If web promotion outsourcing firms were overstepping Google policies, their efforts would have been blocked by Google and they would never have tasted success in the first place. Most of these web promotion outsourcing firms have been operating for the last 10 to 15 years and if Google had found something amiss, they would have been blacklisted long ago. Google has certainly blacklisted some websites for overstepping its policies, but if you study individual cases, you will notice that most of them were overzealous and sometimes even careless amid foolish attempts to increase online presence.

Moreover, since the total number of such cases is quite insignificant, it would be wrong to accuse the web promotion outsourcing industry that’s working hard to improve the online presence of their clients and their websites. Hiring web promotion outsourcing services would rather be a better thing to do for businesses large and small.

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