Keeping Self-Driving Trucks on the Road

Traffic analysis and data modelling

I bicycle a little faster than other people, and that’s a big problem for every American.

I’ve opted into Google’s Location History tracking on my phone and hence the past trips I’ve taken show up in Google Maps Timeline. These show the routes I’ve taken and my means of transport. Most of the time these are correctly shown as bicycle trips. However, Google often shows Driving instead of Cycling. Driving instructions for distracted drivers that send them onto bicycle ramps can be a hazard, but even worse would be using this garbage input to devise routes for self-driving trucks.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Telegenisys offers lane-accurate road mapping where every point is checked by human experts. Self-driving vehicles are the future of transportation, but only if they stay in their lane.

Henry CobbHenry Cobb serves as the Vice President of Operations for Telegenisys Inc. He is a founding member of the medical software group and has been pivotal in the development of medical records technologies at Telegenisys. During his tenure with Telegenisys since 1994 he has developed BPO solutions for traffic engineering applications, GIS applications, precision data solutions, image and video analytics solutions, and numerous client integration solutions. He leads and motivates the Telegenisys teams that offer solutions to Telegenisys clients.



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