Medical abstracts for life expectancy underwriting

medical abstracts for life expectancy

Abstract process

Telegenisys teams are busy creating hundreds of abstracts, each month, from very large medical cases providing precision data for underwriters to generate Mortality and Longevity reports. Our abstracts are generated with advanced software-assisted chronologies to provide a comprehensive view of medical conditions. Our summaries allow underwriters to evaluate condition onset, the historical development of disease presentation, related conditions, the degree to which treatment is being provided and prognosis by medical professionals. Our staff provides relevant labs, biopsy and radiology backup for disease progression as required by underwriter preference. Generally, underwriters can move rapidly through their case evaluation without spending time on disorganized medical facts. Telegenisys’ structured abstract helps the underwriter save up to 70% of the time taken to review raw medical records data.

Organized resources

In order to deliver such results, Telegenisys has developed VMR (Visualize Medical Record) which combines all medical information, dissects it chronologically and presents is with precision in indexes which are easy to read and drill down into medical record. Click here to see examples of this indexing.

Dealing with abstract components

Automating abstract builds has been a substantial project of pattern recognition in medical records. Our patterns engine is able to extract multiple elements required by underwriters to reach their assessment.

General components which are auto extracted

  • Patient name validation ensures pages belong to the insured.
  • Sex, SSN, Case, Contact, Smoking history, alcohol use, Drug use, Date range of records extracted & validated
    Specific medical note sections auto extracted for review
  • General history
  • Social history
  • Family history
  • Rx / Prescription history
  • Vitals / BMI history
  • Fitness & Frailty Factors
  • Exercise
  • Employment
  • Volunteering,
  • Attitude,
  • Socially Active,
  • Driving, Independence,
  • Chronic Pain, Allergies,
  • Active or Sedentary lifestyle,
  • Complex polypharmacy,
  • Memory Loss or cognitive decline,
  • Living Conditions,
  • Ambulation aids / Mobility notes,
  • Gait imbalance or history of falls,
  • Weight loss/gain history,
  • MD notes indicating a general status decline,
  • Social isolation etc.
  • More than 40 factors are extracted for underwriter rating.

Condition chronologies are segmented into primary and secondary. Each condition is extracted for grouping with treatment or testing dates. The system identifies the earliest known and most current disease mentioned in records which help in establishing relevance. Additionally ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes are both identified based on code usage or disease identification. Our extraction experts then create a presentation based on client’s requirements.

About this service

Our teams include physicians, researchers, nurses and pharma graduates to find and extract exactly the information required to generate Life Certificates. Our training and quality control systems deliver 99.8%+ accuracy and we pride ourselves on setting up our clients for success in life/mortality evaluations and are sure that your clients will be impressed with your ability to evaluate medical records.

Telegenisys has been analyzing and extracting data from medical records for over 20 years. Our medical and paramedical staff generates 99.8%+ accuracy in evaluating, extracting and organizing medical data for medical research, life, and medical insurance, legal review, pharma evaluations among hundreds of other applications. We have built management systems and medical software to provide rapid and accurate medical reviews. Our teams are mature and Telegenisys operations are certified ISO9001 (Quality delivery), ISO27001 (Physical and data security) and we submit to annual third party HIPAA audits. When Telegenisys is hired to review or extract medical information our clients can be assured of world-class performance ensuring quality and safety of data.


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