HIPAA Release of Information

HIPAA Release of Information Form The HIPAA release of information under  is a form of protection for the patient to decide for himself how and what information regarding their personal health is released to a party not directly involved with their healthcare or...

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Medical Information Release Form

Medical Information Release Form – HIPAA Regulations A medical information release form is required for a third party to obtain protected health information. HIPAA mandates that only those directly involved in the patients care or those billing for the cost of that...

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Medical Release of Information Form

Medical Release Of Information Form Even if a patient verbally authorizes his healthcare providers to release health documents to third parties, HIPAA requires that a medical release of information form be completed by the patient before any such data is distributed....

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Health Care Compliance

Health Care Compliance For Healthcare Provider Health care compliance is the extent to which a patient follows instruction given to them by their healthcare provider. Patients are able to comply with these instructions with various levels of accuracy. For instance, a...

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Authorization for Release of Information

Authorization For Release of Information Authorization for release of information is required from the patient for the healthcare provider or biller to share any of the patients health information to an individual or entity not directly involved in their care. The...

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Litigation Services

Litigation Services Litigation Services: In cases where a healthcare provider or biller is taking part in legal proceedings, HIPAA provides provisions were protected health information can be provided to those assisting with legal proceedings. These data are to be...

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HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement The HIPAA Business Associate Agreement is a provision that allows those not directly employed by a healthcare provider or biller access protected healthcare information. Such an agreement often occurs when a third party is involved...

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HIPAA Authorization

HIPAA Authorization HIPAA authorization is the permission given by a patient to have his or her medical records released to a certain party for a predetermined amount of time. While HIPAA typically requires healthcare providers and medical billers to keep such...

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Authorization to Release Information

Authorization To Release Information Form While private health information is explicitly protected under HIPAA, there are ways for patients to provide authorization to release information of their personal health records to a third party. This can be necessary for...

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VMR – Visualize Medical Records – Brochure Describing Capabilities.

VMR - Visualize Medical Records - Brochure Describing Capabilities. Please fill the form below to request the brochure.
Research Report - Making Sense of PDF Medical Records

Making Sense Of PDF Medical Records – A Research Report

Research report covering a 2-year project to improve the quality of medical chronologies we develop.  We identify ways to review medical information faster and more comprehensively. Use the contact form below to request this publication.

Medical Chronologies – Driving Litigation Outcomes

Case study on litigation support through advanced medical chronologies. Use the contact form below to request this publication.
Using NPI Index

5.4 Million Provider Healthcare Database Maintained By US Health and Human Services

White paper on how to access, use and integrate the National Provider Index.  Use the contact form below to request this publication.

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