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Medical Outsourcing Market can be helpful for Decreasing Global Medical Costs


Medical outsourcing is the consignment of core services or procedures of the organization to a provider that emphases in that area of service or operation. It includes transactional services, customer care, communication and marketing, cost avoidance, audit, payment recovery, billing, transcriptions, SCM & Logistics, resource management and others.

Pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies are outsourcing medical work to countries such as India, Thailand and Philippines. In the wake of global economic meltdown, healthcare companies are focused on reducing the overall costs by outsourcing medical work to other countries. It is anticipated to dominate the global medical outsourcing market by services and is estimated to control around 65% of the total medical outsourcing market revenue by services in 2021.

The report published by IndustryARC explains that the global medical outsourcing market is segmented on the basis of services, end-users and geography.1

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1 http://industryarc.com/Report/4338/Medical-Outsourcing-Market-Research-Report.html

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