Offshore outsourcing

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Offshore outsourcing as a concept has taken off in a big way, so much so that today there is hardly any large business that can claim to do without it. Many people confuse it with business process outsourcing, but the truth is that offshore outsourcing is quite different from business process outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is different because it includes only those jobs that are outsourced to an international location. Business process outsourcing on the other hand includes everything that is outsourced, irrespective of whether it is outsourced to an international location or to another firm in the same country.

Talking about offshore outsourcing, it would be worth mentioning that we are counted amongst the top offshore outsourcing companies. We provide a wide range of offshore outsourcing services that include everything from B2C & B2B Telemarketing Services to data entry services, content development, insurance claims support, records retrieval services, technical writing and many others. To benefit from our world-class outsourcing services, you just need to contact us. Call us or just email your offshore outsourcing needs. We will get back to you with multiple options and help you select a plan that best suits your business needs.

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