Is outsourcing on the decline in the USA?

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The economist and Everest group report that while outsourcing activity is down from the United States, the big economies of Europe are picking up the slack.

Part of this is due to economic problems in the USA, but a large part of it involves reducing the size and scope of the outsourcing deals. As The Economist writes: “Companies are forming relationships with several outsourcers, rather than putting all their eggs in few baskets. They are signing shorter contracts, too. But still, they need to think harder about what is their core business, and what is peripheral.”

Telegenisys has always avoided these mega deals. While this means that we’ve missed the bubble of overhyped do-everything deals, we’re also clear of the bursting of this bubble. We’re not looking to do everything our clients do. If we took over your core business it wouldn’t be outsourcing anymore.

What we stress is that our clients have already created something. They’ve had their business processes, market share, infrastructure, and employees. What we do is plug in our smart mix of technology and manpower like a turbo supercharger onto your existing engine. If you have highly paid and highly skilled workers, let us take the grunt work away from them so they can be more productive at their real jobs. If you have a seasonal load then bring us in for a few months a year, instead of going through the trouble to find space and the people to fill them. That’s what we do. We take up the load and provide that extra horsepower so you can focus on driving your business to success.

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