Outsourcing for Startup Success: Don’t assign grunt work to new talent

With investor confidence returning, new businesses and startups have become very competitive. If you are a startup looking to gain a foothold, you need a winning strategy that sets you apart from the rest and and outsourcing company.

In a recent article appearing in Forbes, Alison Foreman spoke about team and talent as important factors for a startup’s success. Setting up the process with an enthusiastic and talented team is the fundamental step needed by any startup. Since funds are at a premium, startups need to have razor sharp focus on budgeting in every domain. This focus can range from hiring the right fit without availing the services of a recruiter, saving on infrastructure costs where possible, keeping overhead costs low and even  outsourcing the grunt work.

Outsourcing for startups is a winning strategy

Every agency has jobs like data entry, graphic designing, SEO which are important and need to be completed. Yet, these may not be the core services of the agency. It is vital to your startup’s success that you train and keep your valued talent focused on the core company function. You have spent a good deal of time hiring the right talent and it will be appropriate not to burden them with non core functions that can easily be outsourced.  It is a lot easier to outsource jobs like data entry and designing to an offshore outsourcing company, who will already have the required resources, expertise and infrastructure needed to do these jobs.

Learn to develop a steady partnership with an outsourcing vendor to take care off all the grunt work. This will save you time, allow your core function to continue smoothly as well as give you better quality and productivity. Startups should not neglect outsourcing, because it works out to be a highly rewarding strategy to stay competitive.

Now, if you have seen the advantage of outsourcing, here’s how you should go about it:

1. Calculate how much your time is worth. Is the investment you spend in terms of time taken for training and resources worth the effort? Figure out whether it makes financial sense to outsource a particular job to a company who already has expertise.
2. Set clear expectations and be specific. Set deadlines and targets. Research the outsourcing company and check for credentials, testimonials and compliance certifications like ISO.
3. Once chosen, build a healthy relationship with the provider. Communicate frequently to build confidence.

An outsourcing success story for Telegenisys

As an outsourcing company, we have our own experience with a startup to share:

This client was a startup venture in 2011, and in an early stage, outsourced data collection services to us.  After a short training and initiation done in 2 days, we set up a team of 11 specialists and went live! Within a very short span of 1 month, we were  making hundreds of thousands of counts & generating truckloads of data.

All of this data proved immensely beneficial to the end clients who could analyze these trends to make appropriate decisions regarding changes and management. Owing to the huge success of the project, the client has never looked back and continues its outsourcing partnership with Telegenisys.

Outsourcing for startups increases the possibility of getting a more experienced person or team to do the job, and in most cases, at lesser cost. So, if you are a startup and have gathered a team with specific skills, don’t dilute their ability to use those skills. Outsource the grunt work and enjoy the benefits.

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