Outsourcing marketing requires planning

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Outsourcing is becoming popular even in small and midsize companies. Nowadays, a small business may not have staff members such as a Human Resources recruiter or a 401(k) specialist in house. As the Internet transforms the way businesses communicate with their clients, vendors and employees, many of these functions are being handled by outsourcers. Here are some tips to help executives plan what functions to outsource and how best to use an outsourcer.

No matter what some people say, telemarketing is one of the best methods in which a company can market its products. Telemarketing provides that personal touch with your customers, which the biggest media campaign cannot provide. Even if a prospective customer do not buy on the phone, a good telemarketer can get that customer thinking about the product (in a positive way), and the chances of that customer buying your product through other channels is very high. This is the kind of impact a telemarketing call has on your customer’s psyche. You may ask here, if telemarketing is such an important function of my business, then why should I outsource it? If you calculate all the money issues and consider all the people and productivity issues, there is a strong argument for outsourcing.

It is accepted that an agency’s hourly fees are more than what you would pay your employee. However, when calculating payroll expense, you must include all the payroll taxes, benefits, vacation, possible additional medical coverage costs, etc. The extra cost over the dollar-per-hour rate you pay employees can range from 10 to 50 percent. Supervision of employees is also an additional expense, absence of which can drastically reduce the productivity. Add to this the cost of advertising, interviewing and training every time someone has to be hired. This process is expensive, repetitive, boring, unproductive, and needs to be done quite often. Then there are other issues like phone line charges, line availability, office space, technical infrastructure etc. In a country like India, which is the leading outsourcing destination accounting for about 40% of outsourced work, there is an advantage of high quality lines running on one of the best networks with a high redundancy, the best contact center infrastructure available at very cost-effective rates.

You may have hired someone on a full time basis but he/she might not be working on your program all the time. And if you want to terminate an employee, it will turn out to be very difficult, as you will have spent considerable amount of time and energy recruiting and training that employee. You can always ask your agency to take a particular person off your campaign in such cases. The outsourcing agency has skills and expertise to look into these matters and give you some of the best telemarketing results, so that you can focus on your core functions. Due to these reasons, telemarketing is one of the most important processes that are being outsourced increasingly, by the smallest, to some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Telegenisys is a contact center located in Pune, Maharashtra, which specializes in providing telemarketing services. Its ability and expertise in this area can give you best results according to your business needs. For more information, visit www.telegenisys.com

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