Security in outsourced payment processes

Secure Outsourced Payment Process handling for USA

The secure outsourced payment process

Any outsourced process that involves credit card payments will need to consider the payment card Industry data security standard (PCI-DSS). This is obviously an issue for toll-free infomercial order taking, but can also apply in other areas such as debt collection or even call in customer account support.

These standards are not optional. Companies that want to accept payments in the form of the credit cards issued by the major providers must abide by the rules those providers set. These rules apply not only internally, but also for any third-party call center that is used to handle the customer information.

Fortunately, Telegenisys has been providing high-security BPO operations for over a decade. We will work with you to ensure that there are no weak links in the chain of security protecting your payment process.

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