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When hiring offshore SEO services, it is vitally necessary that you choose the most appropriate offshore SEO services provider one that does not bank on Black Hat SEO tools and techniques. Black Hat tools and techniques used by a few offshore SEO services providers may be effective in the short run, but rest assured that if you continue using them, your website may end up being blacklisted by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Live etc. Something like that would prove catastrophic because then you will have to start all over again with a different domain name. Most online users trust dominant search engines and if your website gets blacklisted, it will create a bad impression on your existing and potential customers.

Why black hat techniques are not your best bet when hiring Offshore SEO services

  • SEO & Inbound marketing blog Positionally recently listed some high risk Black hat techniques to avoid:
  • Paid Links are classified as a serious black hat technique where 99% of the time it is clear people are paying black hat SEOs to create links without following any rules.
  • Spam comments added to someone’s blog. Often, people try to take advantage of the PR of a blog and gain by adding a link in the comments. However, the true gain will be to get the blog to actually refer to yours positively.
  • Copying high ranking SEO content to your own blog is instantly frowned upon by search engines.
  • Article spinning is  a milder technique of duplicative but is also caught by the latest search engine updates.
  • Cloaking is a programming technique where a deceptive link is presented to the search engine spider while showing another link to the website visitor. This is a violation because to ends up delivering irrelevant results to the user.
  • Doorway pages transfer the visitor to another irrelevant location
  • Keyword stuffing – Keywords should be used naturally along with variations rather than stuffing them throughout the content
  • Invisible text – This means displaying text in small font or white color which appears invisible to the visitor but contains keywords to acquire favorable search results. This too is now detected by latest search engine updates.

Telegenisys is a reputed offshore SEO services provider.

So what is the right option? Well, it’s simply that you need to contact a reputed offshore SEO services provider like Telegenisys INC. Black Hat SEOs may promise you the moon, but you should not place your trust in them because most of them are out there just to make a fast buck. Underestimating the capability of ethical offshore SEO services providers is also something you need to avoid because they have some very potent weapons in their arsenal. A few examples of commonly used tools and techniques deployed by offshore SEO services providers would include reciprocal linking, industry referrals, keyword-optimization, social media marketing, article submission, and directory submissions. All of these combined are enough to give Black Hats a run for their money.

Now that you are aware about malpractices used in  SEO, hire a reliable offshore SEO services provider like Telegenisys and multiply your organic site traffic!

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