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Tablet apps and Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Gartner has predicted that tablets will outsell PCs in 2011. As a Knowledge Process Outsource (KPO) provider and iPad developer, Telegenisys expects to leverage tablets both inside and outside of our client offices.

Tablets (and smaller devices such as smart phones and pods) can be carried around a work site, such as by a nurse in a hospital. These mobile intranet and VPN access devices will require business specific apps and back office knowledge workers to offload clerical process so that the client’s mobile workforce can remain focused on their primary tasks.

Tablets in the hands of the general public and client customers will also require apps in order to connect into client processes and through these to remote knowledge workers.

The increased sales of tablet devices will enlarge the pool of both employees and customers who both expect app delivered access and are increasingly skilled at using such apps.


Deloitte found that improved smartphones took the wind out of tablet sales. This just means that the smartphones themselves remain a major driver of app consumption.

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