Telemarketing Services Outsourcing Managing Rising Stress Levels Poses A Challenge

Telemarketing Services Outsourcing Firms Managing Rising Stress Levels Poses A Challenge

Telemarketing has always been a tough job and now that most telemarketing projects are being outsourced, the onus is on telemarketing services outsourcing firm to overcome formidable challenges such as rising physical and mental stress levels. Odd working hours coupled with a stipulated daily requirement to achieve predetermined targets contribute significantly to physical and mental stress levels of telemarketers. If left unchecked, high stress levels can adversely affect motivation levels and also the competence of telemarketers, something that every telemarketing services outsourcing firm would like to avoid.

So what are the options? Well, for that you just need to look at plans, policies and strategies deployed by successful telemarketing services outsourcing firms in recent years. When you do so, you will realize that most telemarketing services outsourcing firms are now focusing more on the emotional aspects instead of relying solely on providing monetary incentives. Monetary rewards have their own significance, but since it’s not the only factor that determines employee interest and motivation level, telemarketing services outsourcing firms have increased their focus on other non-conventional strategies.

For tackling rising stress levels, many telemarketing services outsourcing firms now provide gym and indoor sports facilities on their premises. In order to forge team-spirit and a feeling of belonging, telemarketing services outsourcing firm is also spending time on conducting contests, competitions, stage shows and weekend getaways. Proven stress busting techniques such as Yoga, Tai-chi etc. are also being used for managing rising stress levels.

In most telemarketing services outsourcing firms, these initiatives have worked wonders, allowing outsourcing firms to not only achieve predetermined lead generation targets, but also to exceed them in specific telemarketing projects. The consistent double-digit growth rates achieved by telemarketing services outsourcing firms proves that the challenge of managing rising stress levels have been successfully overcome.

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