The secret sauce for startup success

startup success from outsourcing data processing solutions

A startup is by definition a small company organized around a new concept. This small size allows the startup to try unproven concepts, but at the same time limits scalability. One fundamental aspect of achieving startup success is finding the manpower needed to turn the next tiny thing into the next big thing.

Traditionally companies have simply expanded an existing process. But to add an additional developer the company must first recruit from a limited pool of fully qualified applicants and then divide the attention of the existing development team to manage the new hire. For startups, this is a losing game because they have a new concept that nobody else in the world has the exact experience for, and they can spare a very small pool of existing employees to divert to train and manage the new hires.

A traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company can take on some of the overhead of recruiting and managing the new developers, at the cost of adding a new layer of management and dividing the development team. This risks diluting the vision and introducing flaws caused by misunderstandings into the final product. This is especially troublesome if the new team is offshore. The small costs saved in wage arbitrate can be quickly swallowed by cultural misunderstands, cost overruns, and schedule slips.

Startup success through outsourcing

But at Telegenisys Inc. we love startups and they love us. We don’t attempt to replace anybody on their small team or force an unwieldy linear expansion of their efforts. Instead, we apply the first principle of BPO. Our formula for startup success is to help them find the right parts to outsource to us, then we distill this into a managed repeatable process that can be taught to an educated, but not the specialized workforce.

We don’t hire insurance adjusters, but the insurance adjusters at our client become much more productive because the records they deal with have already been checked, sorted, and the missing parts fixed by our team. As a result, our client gets a lot more out of their employees without paying to expand a team of people with those specialized skills either in the house or outsourced. They can do this with us because we have designed security into our process and we verify that security every day.

We also don’t hire transportation engineers, but our clients can trust the lane accurate digital maps and traffic counts we provide for their engineers because we have designed, audited, and managed the processes to their exact needs.

In so many other areas of contact discovery, Internet research, data conversion, etc., startups trust Telegenisys to work with them to find the best match to their exact needs and scale up to match those requirements. So, if you are looking for startup success, Telegenisys is that secret stepping stone between proof of concept and the break even point.

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