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Competition is fierce in business. If you want to see your customers and clients return time and time again, you’ll need to set your business apart. The company that does the most to provide a positive customer experience is most likely to enjoy continued success. A blog published by Technology Services Industry Association[1] details a number of compelling reasons that third party customer service solutions should be considered by any company seeking to improve in this particular area.

Upon hearing the term “third party” many will think of outsourcing and the cost benefits that are often lauded as the chief benefit. While third party options typically are more cost-effective than in house options, the wrong third party customer service solution can actually be damaging in the long run. Customers expect high quality interactions with support staff that ultimately resolve their issue. Simply choosing the cheapest solution may not benefit your business in the long run. Quality customer support will build customer relationships, brand loyalty and sales. This quality can be found in less expensive third party customer service solutions

When outsourcing your business’s customer service to a third party operator, you can also expect to see an increase in revenue per customer. Successful businesses understand that increased investment in the customer produces new opportunities to maximize customer value. This increased revenue is often the direct result of work performed in the call center or other customer service center.

Advantages of third party customer service solutions.

Larger service providers have the advantage of being able to adjust to the support volume very quickly. By being able to quickly add or remove resources in real time allows the service to run as cost-effectively as possible without compromising the quality of service when demand volume is high.

Third party customer service solutions companies also carry the benefit of providing specialized safeguards to prevent against fraud and ensure compliance with industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Many organizations implement background checks for implement background checks and paperless workstations for employees to increase security.

Finally, third party customer service solutions improve your relationships with customers and strengthen your brand. These specialized solutions’ core competency is customer service, giving them a marked advantage over in-house operations being conducted by businesses outside of the industry. Some providers, such as Telegenisys, have been providing customer support services for decades and have developed a winning strategy to best impact customers for their clients.

Telegenisys provides customer support throughout the customer experience, helping to ensure that consumers correctly and cost-effectively make use of the product. The specific customer service solutions that Telegenisys can provide include planning, purchase, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and phasing out of the product. A cost-effective automated approach to customer support is backed by highly-trained, caring professionals to ensure that each customer is received warmly and that each issue is addressed with urgency.

If your business could benefit from outsourcing customer support services, Telegenisys offers the experience and expertise necessary to develop excellent customer support solutions that will reflect well on your organization and the care it provides to its customers.


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