Tsunami highlights risk management

Real Time Outsourcing & Risk Management services USA

Patrick Gougeon writes in the Financial Times “Outsourcing, a key
aspect of globalisation and the root of major organizational changes,
is now recognized as an aggravating factor of companies’ ability to
manage risk well. The practice results in the direct segmentation of
processes and in information asymmetry, diluting risk along the value
chain and making risk control more difficult.”

That is the Christmas Tree Lights model of outsourcing. Long ago Christmas Tree Lights were wired so that if any of the lights along the string failed then the entire string failed to light up. Figuring out which light was faulty simply required replacing every single light in the chain in turn to see which one was the problem. Fortunately most brands are not wired like that any more so why not do the same for your company?

Setting up parallel processes for real time tasks enables you to keep faith with your customers in spite of failures. What you need is a flexible partner who understands risk and is able to adapt in real
time to keep your processes running. And that’s exactly what Telegenisys has been doing for over a decade.

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