Why content development cannot be replaced with article spinning software

Software Development

Well, it’s simply because content development is not something that can be explained with the help of mathematical formulas and equations, even though applicable formats may be applied for specific types of content. Every successful software package has made use of logical reasoning and proven mathematical, scientific and statistical concepts and since none of these are available or applicable in the context of content development, the effectiveness of article spinning software remains a highly debatable issue. Word processors such as Microsoft Word may fix issues such as “singular plural”, “active passive”, “spelling mistakes” etc, but since creating unique content is a totally different ballgame, the reliability of available article spinners is difficult to determine.
A Google search certainly leads to hundreds of spinning software results, available in both free and paid categories, all claiming to offer one-click content development. However, when actually installed and tested, all of them generate nothing but gibberish, something that can prove disastrous if uploaded on a website. Visitors will find such content to be highly distasteful and as such lose their interest in the website.

Change is the only constant and it is very much possible that technology advancements may one day create Artificial Intelligence (AI) as smart as the human brain. However, since that kind of technology is presently unavailable, it’s better to choose professional content development services rather than waste time and effort on article spinners.

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