7 Reasons why you should consider Remote Tech Support

Through its wide variety of technical products like Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, picture frames, media players, software, VOIP phones Telegenisys provides top level remote tech support.

Popularly known as IT support, a business needs to rely on information technology for its sustenance and above all growth. Quality technical support is pivotal to the growth of the brand. This is valid irrespective of the size of the business. A small business needs Information Technology to grow but a large scale business needs to rely on it for support as well as sustenance.

Types of Remote Tech Support

– Technical support via voice calls
– Email technical support
– IM chat based technical support

Voice call support includes Installation, Break-Fix, Managed Services, Help Desk, while email support takes care of everything from website design to ensuring complete responsiveness.

One of the most frequently asked questions in this regard is whether to hire an in-house team or to outsource the work to a tech team. Well, we would say, outsourcing is a wise choice in the present business scenario. Based on a detail analysis of an article on ihotdesk, here is a compilation of reasons why you need to seriously consider outsourcing your technical helpdesk:

7 Reasons to consider Remote Tech Support

1. It’s affordable: When compared to hiring an in-house team, most business owners are likely to find better deals in outsourcing the tech support. In fact, it converts, the fixed expenditure into variable allowing you to invest in other aspects of your business.

2. Better efficiency: Outsourcing ensures that the IT infrastructure is taken care by professionals. Basically, they are well-versed with the risks involved and are guaranteed to do a better job.

3. Risk is lowered: Your in-house team is likely to falter if they are not updated with the latest security measures, outsourcing on the other hand makes it mandatory for the responsible agency to take all possible precaution.

4. Invest manpower elsewhere: IT support is a job that can be outsourced so why block manpower here when you can actually use them to develop other aspects of your business.

5. Edge over competitors: Well-managed remote tech support will empower you to streamline your business operations to a major extent. It is basically the factor that gives you an edge over your competitors and helps in growing your business.

6. Outsourcing saves resources: Instead of blocking your resources in terms of skill and physical location, outsourcing tech support serves the purpose at a lower price. This in turn allows business owners to successfully cut costs without compromising on the security of the data.

7. Better productivity: Since you are left with the task of supervising, you can be assured of doing a better job of identifying loopholes and even reviewing the task on a regular basis.

At Telegenisys, the team is well equipped to provide remote tech support with well-coordinated handling of Tier 1 support.

For more information on how Telegenisys can provide the technical support infrastructure for your business, please visit www.telegenisys.com/services/technical-support.html

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