Advantages of outsourced lead generation

Definition of Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the creation of consumer interest or inquiries into the products and services of a particular business. Lead generation services work to develop interest in their clients’ business. Internet marketing consultant Graylin L. Sanders recently published a very informative article1 regarding the lead generation process (outsourced lead generation).

Sanders describes lead generation as a simple process where the qualified leads or paid leads agencies developed a website or in more cases are partnered with other lead generating agencies. Within this series of websites, the lead generation service will promote the products and services of several different clients that are using the service. The websites and their content are geared specifically towards clients that have already expressed interest in a similar product or service. Customer interaction with the content on these sites confirms interest in particular products or services being offered by the client of the lead generation service. Leads are then generated from lead directories or other qualified lead informational databases.

Outsourced lead generation is simply a partnership with another proven provider to leverage its expertise, process and infrastructure for delivering quality business leads. Rather than taking the task of creating and funding a new division, many companies prefer outsourcing lead generation to an offshore provider, thus saving on finances and acquiring expertise at the same time.

Lead generation is a useful marketing tool that can and should be implemented by any business looking to increase its client base. Companies across a wide variety of industries have already taken advantage of this powerfully effective marketing strategy. Outsourced lead generation is cost effective and especially advantageous for businesses selling a service, such as IT, insurance or education. Telegenisys provides clients with over twenty years of experience in the lead generation field, bring it high quality leads that are guaranteed to perform.

Outsourced Lead Generation for the B2B Segment

Telegenisys works with clients to develop valuable leads that are likely to result in increased demand for your company’s product or service. Specializing in business to business (B2B) transactions, Telegenisys seeks to help its clients reach potential customers in this high volume market. The best way to start this process is to get the word about your company and what it has to offer. Telegenisys accomplishes this by getting your informational material into the hands of those that hold the purchasing power when it comes to your company’s particular offering.

This precision outsourced lead generation makes a substantial difference when it comes to seeing results from the leads that are generated. Instead of simply gathering information that is relatively unknown in terms of quality, lead discovery teams at Telegenisys work to find those individuals that are mostly likely to be interested in your product, but also hold the authority to ultimately choose to make the purchase of your company’s offering.

Once these individuals are identified, they are contacted by the demand generation team at Telegenisys and introduced to your company and its product. The contact is then offered your company’s marketing material for further review. The lead is considered generated when the contact agrees to accept the marketing material. From there, your sales team can spend time with leads that already have a high amount of interest in your organization. This saves both time and money, as your sales team no longer needs to waste time with ‘long shot’ leads.

The above process is only a brief and incomplete explanation of the topic of lead generation and Telegenisys’ complete outsourced lead generation service offerings. For more information on lead generation at Telegenisys, click here.

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