Are security issues really affecting offshore outsourcing business?

Well, newspapers and news outlets would certainly like people to believe that, but if we analyze properly, it will not take us long to realize that things are actually a lot different on the offshore outsourcing front. Newspapers and news outlets thrive on selling anything and everything that is even remotely sensational and that is why it does not make much sense to rely entirely on messages that they might be trying to communicate. It’s not that security breaches have not occurred in the outsourcing industry; they certainly have, but the point is can a few mistakes bring down an entire industry? Probably not, because the outsourcing industry is a large one, generating billions of dollars in revenues every year.

A few cases of security breaches cannot decide the fate of the outsourcing industry also because most of the outsourcing firms have been quick to implement the most updated security measures. Efficient planning, combined with valuable foresight and advanced tracking systems have made it easier for outsourcing firms to ensure the proper security for ongoing processes. The fact that outsourcing firms have been quite successful at countering the emerging security threats becomes evident when we look at the continuous growth achieved by the outsourcing industry. If that was not the case, the offshore outsourcing industry could have never achieved the level of success that it has managed to achieve in recent years.

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