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B2B Telemarketing Services Outsourcing – do’s and don’t


Having made the critical decision to choose B2B telemarketing services outsourcing projects, businesses often assume that they have done their part and can afford to sit back and relax. In reality, however, that does not always work in favor of businesses because there are many variables that require constant attention from both the business and the B2B telemarketing services outsourcing firms. Problems and issues surface even when the best outsourcing plan is implemented, something that makes it necessary that businesses and B2B telemarketing services outsourcing firms work together and consistently share data, information and insights, all throughout the outsourcing contract period. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will make it easier for businesses to achieve desired results from their B2B telemarketing services outsourcing project.

First the Do’s

Complacency occurs naturally and the probability of its occurrence increases dramatically when a business fails to shoulder critical responsibilities such as keeping track of ongoing B2B telemarketing services outsourcing projects. It thus necessitates that businesses choose performance-based incentives plans for their B2B telemarketing services outsourcing projects.

Even the best B2B telemarketing services outsourcing firm cannot do much without proper project sponsorship support and that’s precisely what businesses should never forget. Sponsorships and top-management support should thus be made available at every stage of the ongoing B2B telemarketing services outsourcing project.

The don’ts

Even with the best B2B telemarketing services outsourcing firm, businesses should never venture out without proper SLAs (Service Level Agreements). B2B telemarketing services outsourcing is mostly done from offshore locations, something that makes it necessary that local legal and technical issues be properly analyzed, compiled and converted as terms and conditions in SLAs.

Businesses should never choose long-term B2B telemarketing services outsourcing contracts. Such a contract will severely restrict the ability to choose from the best available avenues. It will also make it difficult for businesses to penalize the service provider in case of sub-par services. In most cases, a B2B telemarketing services outsourcing contract not exceeding 18 months should be preferred.

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