Bluetooth device support case study

A Spanish manufacturer was selling Bluetooth headsets through US retail stores. Customer satisfaction was low with lengthy wait times to speak to agents for support. The client contacted Telegenisys for immediate assistance.

Our analysis determined that the best course of action was to pursue a strategy of:

  • Fast Response
  • Learn as you go
  • Situational – Responsive Strategy
  • Product weakness assessment (helped client understand and combat through support)
  • Immediate Turnaround in Customer Satisfaction

Defining Known Good States

Our analysis of calls that had placed to the client’s existing support center determined that the duration of the call and the resulting outcome were dependent on the extent of the customer’s familiarity with and use of the headsets. We found that the most common customer motivations to call support fell into the following categories:

  1. Just opened the package
  2. Headset does not turn on
  3. Headset would not pair with third party device
  4. Headset volume was too low / Feature set not working
  5. Headset needed to be paired with multiple devices.

With other cases being less common.

Visualization Requirements

We found that the main impediments to the speed of resolution and the quality of support were the difficult to reach location of product controls and the non-intuitive nature of the pairing solution. These problems were resolved by creating product instruction demo files uploaded to YouTube and linked from the client’s web site.

Deploying a staged Response

Our solution using Known Good States allowed for quick Level 2 – Level 3 support handoffs, when justified by the facts of the case. Returns and product exchanges were then handled promptly by the client’s unburdened support infrastructure. By coordinating with the client’s own CRM, Telegenisys was able to present to them a clear picture of the overall support effort.

Reducing customer support times through additional visualization support

Agent feedback generated additional demo visualizations to speed up the support process resulting in customer satisfaction. This win-win result required and engaged crew, some innovative risk taking, and a well-defined process execution.

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