Contact Discovery Services

What many entrepreneurs fail to realize is that while they may be good with their core business skills, they are lacking in terms of lead generation and contact discovery.

In-house lead generation is often a time consuming and high-cost proposition and outsourcing this function to a specialist company can result in reduced costs and greater efficiency.

Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing lead generation:

  1.  Outsourcing will eliminate the need for expensive advertising campaigns, employee briefing, and training, infrastructure setup, etc.
  2.  Along with improved marketing ROI, outsourcing the lead generation process will also save you time as your sales professionals will not have to make cold calls to random people.
  3. Research says about 21% of the time is spent by salespeople on lead generation. [Reference: ]. Thus, an outsourcing company actually becomes a good choice for your revenues rather than an in-house sales team.
  4. If lead generation is outsourced, sales teams can focus mainly on conversion.

Contact discovery is a very important aspect for companies to extend their sales pipeline. Sales teams need to have a steady flow of contact details they can work on.

Telegenisys offers specialized contact discovery services and follows an in-depth analysis procedure needed to acquire relevant contacts. Our B2B contact results are completely customized to the industry our client caters to and broken down as per industry verticals, geography, company size, designations, and other classifications.

We deliver contact data that comprises 100% verified phone numbers, email addresses, names, and designations.

If you have a demand generation requirement from a specific industry, connect with us for contact discovery services. We will derive contact information of sales prospects that match your criteria and deliver a reliable, verified database.

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