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Demand Generation and Contact Discovery Service in USA

In order for targeted marketing programs to drive customer acquisition, precise identification of leads, their roles, their involvement in the product function, and their willingness to give appointments all testify to their interest. At Telegenisys it’s our job to prime the client acquisition pump with more effective lead generation (Demand Generation). What we offer is help in developing better leads through

  • Contact discovery with a precision focus on role and position.
  • Lead generation and content syndication to assess interest.
  • Appointment setting to get closer to the sales process.
  • Developing appointment profiles so salespeople know who the contact is.
  • List cleansing so your people don’t waste time.
  • Target improvement feedback throughout our work.

Market research and intelligence

We develop a plan to survey your competitors, their customers, and your own customers as a third party to discover key market intelligence for you. We do this work without identifying our customers and therefore at all times keeping your request completely anonymous. By direct calling our analysts determine:

Competing vendors use among your clients and prospects (as needed)
Nature and duration of their relationship with your competitors
Size of installation including users, licenses, and features or product categories in use.
Product attributes you may wish to discover.

Demand generation service: Business to business

  • Database development
  • Corporate profiling

This service provides a deep view of the company’s organizational units, reporting relationships leading to organizational structure, roles of employees, level of authority, the relative growth of units, and specific responses to our client’s request for information. To start learning more about your clients or competitors click here.
Contact Discovery

With several million prospects identified for our clients, we offer a mature team of research analysts who add unique new prospects, matching client specifications.

Our contact discovery service features an unprecedented contact ability guarantee (by telephone and email). We deliver our data daily by spreadsheet or directly into your CRM. We can guarantee unique by using suppression lists, and when we are done of the list is owned by our clients to do with as they please.

We offer contacts-on-demand at a predetermined interval so client teams always have fresh data to pursue. Laser precision and current, our contact discovery service is an asset to our clients who highly recommend it as a method to turbo boost revenues.

Telegenisys EXTRAs: Our service distinguishes itself by adding role progression and employee history when available. This makes it even simpler to move prospects down the demand generation pipeline.

Our responsive project managers allow clients to change specifications on the fly. Some of the specifications possible include.

  • Company or vertical
  • Position or title
  • Role
  • Geography
  • Language

Contact profiling

Contact profiles are our sales support offerings. When we or salespeople make appointments with contacts we provide, we can add information to the support the phone call or in-person meetings. Our contact profiles include biodata, activities, and interests of the contact so each outreach can be more productive.

List cleansing

Clients who have obsolete data in their CRM or acquired lists often face a trust challenge. Our research analysts make data uniformly precise and usable, often making the difference required for organizational success.

Contact Verification: We verify all contact data and provide a current guarantee.
Prospect Updates and Appends: We complete any incomplete contact records.
Re-qualifying Prospects: We ensure that contacts meet specifications.
Client Recovery Campaigns: We recover phone numbers and email addresses so previous clients can be contacted.

Lead generation and nurturing

To move prospects forward into the demand generation pipeline, we create campaigns around the companies data offering. By reaching out to the audience and offering them white papers, case studies, media, etc. we can rapidly convert a mass of prospects into opted in and scored leads which can be followed up. This speeds up the production rate of internal sales teams towards a higher performance for the organization.

White paper and case study syndication

We call prospects and offer them topical white papers and case studies. Those accepting these documents become leads and depending on their level of interest and client instructions we can score these leads in client CRMs.

Video and media syndication

By reaching out to influencer and prospects and offering media presentations we can convert prospects to leads. Upon request, the links can be set to monitor if the prospect viewed the presentation further scoring the lead.
Announcements and Press Releases Syndication

To ensure dissemination of materials we can reach out to media producers and prospects and optimize the response to information releases. As an example, by reaching out to journalists covering such stories we can optimize the coverage of announcements.

Lead renewal

Cold leads often rot in CRMs with few preferring to follow them up. Our lead renewal activities can often bring vigor into some of these old data.

Appointment setting

Some of our lead generation activity creates requests for appointments anyway. Upon request, Telegenisys creates appointment setting campaigns that follow-up leads during media syndication and offer them an appointment. For example, while announcing a white paper we can easily ask if the prospect would like to speak to a senior specialist that can tell them more about it, thus converting the lead into an appointment follow-up. Here are some types of appointments we set for our clients.

  • Webinar and event registrations
  • Survey meetings
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Customer feedback for your products and your competitors

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Caleb K- Director of marketing & technology, real estate company

I am the director of Marketing and Technology for Hoag Real Estate in Portland Oregon. Recently we underwent a major move, during which we had to migrate several large business process from one software to another. We hired Telegenisys to assist us with several of the data entry/migration aspects of this process. They went above and beyond to assist us with the process, as well as coming in with a very reasonable quote for the services we required. We will definitely be using Mega Interactive/Telegenisys again!

Ken L- Enterprise marketing manager, software & services company

Telegenisys delivers valuable and actionable information time after time. Their approach to support is steadfast around being consistent, accurate, responsive to needs and timely. I am completely satisfied with our relationship with Telegenisys and what they bring to the table. Telegenisys has proven to be an invaluable resource to our Office of the CEO, Research, Sales and Marketing organizations.

Ivan H - Owner, education services company

I recommend without hesitation that you consider Telegenisys for any of your communication or marketing needs. Telegenysis, has been simply superb in his communication and execution of our telemarketing plan. Indeed, I often remark to business associates how Telegenisys is usually several steps ahead of my own planning and is helping to grow our business, so to speak.


Highly regarded, TOP rated

Our clients are delighted because we count our success one project at a time. Each task is vitally important to us and we do meticulous precision work.

Commitment to security

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its security procedures. Our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes. For decades we have delivered consistent durable results.

Commitment to quality

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its quality control procedures. Our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes. For decades we have delivered consistent durable results. And as for finding a reputable overseas firm with whom to have that relationship, in my opinion, there is no reason to look farther than Telegenisys. You’ve already found – if not the best – then certainly one of the best!

Commitment to privacy

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by Congress in 1996) procedures. For over a decade we have worked on protected health information without incident.


Demand excellence.

See how we can deliver timely work with greaterprecision and quality than anyone else in our space. We have built mature systems that are hardened by internationally rigorous quality standards including ISO27001 and ISO9001.

Demand generation services

Sales professionals help B2B campaigns through contact discovery, lead generation, appointment setting and inbound sales support.Sales support is systematic and designed to drive results. Our analysts examine calls in 10 second increments to determine the effectiveness of all communication.Inbound sales support is omni-channel and drastically simplifies sales assistance opening up channels clients prefer rather than guiding their behavior. Talk to us about driving success for you.

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