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Don’t be Afraid to Outsource During the Early Stages of Your Startup


If you’re an entrepreneur that has taken the plunge and started your own business, congratulations! You have bravely confronted a need and brought your own solution to the table. As your business continues to grow, you’ll bring on other like-minded individuals, people with the same drive and passion for success. Regardless of how talented your team is, there’s only so much work they can get done in one day. This trend was recently discussed in an article published on the Tech Republic.

If you ask founders of former startup companies, they will tell you that they wore many hats in the early days. Going back and forth between answering phone calls and paying bills can easily take you away from actually running your company. The longer that you as the founder (or other core employees) are tied up doing back office work, the longer it will take for your startup to grow.

To confront this dilemma, an increasing number of startups have begun to consider outsourcing as a means of freeing up in house staff to address more pressing issues. Once these tasks have been assigned to the outsourcing company, those in leadership can focus on the company’s identity and business strategies while the day to day operations are taken care of off site.

Are you still afraid to outsource and a little unsure of how outsourcing works?

We’ll explain it here in further detail.

Outsourcing is the practice of having a third party complete a business process or processes on behalf of your company. Just as an example, a company may want to hire a third part organization to handle its customer service. In this situation, the company has chosen to outsource its customer service to a third party firm.

Outsourcing is different from traditional business models where a company would hire its own accountants and develop an in house accounting department. While this may be feasible for larger organizations, a business process like accounting often wastes valuable time that the founder and other leaders could be working on areas that are more crucial for the success of the new startup.

Now that you hopefully understand a little more of what outsourcing is, you may be wondering what processes you should outsource. The answer to this can be found simply by thinking about what you’re good at. What makes your company unique? Whatever that is, don’t outsource it. Instead, think about what tasks could be handled by someone other than yourself or a member of your leadership team.

Most startups choose to outsource back office work such as demand generation and customer support.

If you believe that business process outsourcing can help your startup, contact us here at Telegenisys. With over twenty years of experience in the field, we can help get your startup off the ground and on its way to success in no time. Don’t waste anymore of your precious time doing work that can be outsourced! Don’t be afraid to outsource. Focus on what matters and watch your company become all that you know it can be.


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