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Telegenisys help desk support services prepared to ride projected market growth between 2015 to 2019

A new report1 shows substantial projected growth for the global help desk outsourcing market. The rapid growth in technology has increased the demand for 24-hour support services. Along with the innovation and cost efficiency brought about my external business process services and IT applications, third party help desk support provides organizations with the ability to devote additional resources to their core competencies.

For as effective as help desk solutions are, more often than not they are relatively simple. These systems are comprised of three main components: the ticket, the category and the technician. The term “ticket” refers to a user’s request for support that has been submitted to the help desk. The “category” sorts the tickets for delivery to the appropriate help desk technician. The technician—also referred to as the “agent” or “tech”—responds to the user regarding their issue and hopefully resolves the user’s problem.

With terms defined, we can now discuss the typical life cycle of a help desk ticket:

First, the user submits a ticket via web-based help desk software that describes the issue and category in which the issue falls. Once the ticket is submitted, the help desk staff receives a notification via e-mail or text directly to their mobile devices. A technician then takes over that particular ticket, letting his or her fellow employees that the ticket is being handled.

The technician proceeds to interact with the user, discussing the nature of the issue, and clarifying any questions that the technician may have for the user. When necessary, the user will attach a screenshot documenting the particular problem they are experiencing. With this information in hand, the technician can begin to troubleshoot the user’s issue, interacting further to ensure the ticket is resolved completely. The technician and the user correspond throughout the process via the web-based help desk software. Once the issue described in the ticket has been resolved, either the user or the agent will close the ticket. The closed ticket is then added to the knowledge base, to aid in the resolution of future issues.

Telegenisys provides these help desk services to businesses, integrating into the client’s solution in order to provide timely and accurate responses to users’ questions. The effectiveness of integration into the client’s existing help desk solution is paired with a security that has been trusted by clients with high-security needs such as government organizations and those who routinely handle sensitive data under HIPAA regulations. You can rest assured that your sensitive data will be protected with Telegenisys.

As the global help desk outsourcing market continues to grow due to the continued consumerization of IT, Telegenisys continues to provide secure integration of its help desk solution into its clients’ IT management software. This will position Telegenisys to continue to provide quality help desk support services well into the future. This bright outlook, paired with previous success in the field, makes Telegenisys a top provider of global help desk support services for any potential client seeking to bolster any existing help desk services.


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