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To move prospects forward into the demand generation pipeline, we create campaigns around the companies data offering. By reaching out to the audience and offering them white papers, case studies, media, etc. we can rapidly convert a mass of prospects into opted in and scored leads which can be followed up. This speeds up the production rate of internal sales teams towards a higher performance for the organization.

White paper and case study syndication

One of our most effective demand generation techniques is to call prospects and offer them topical white papers and case studies. Those accepting these documents become leads and depending on their level of interest and client instructions we can score these leads in client CRMs.

Video and media syndication

By reaching out to influencers and prospects and offering media presentations we can convert prospects to leads. Upon request, the links can be set to monitor if the prospect viewed the presentation further scoring the lead.

Announcements and press releases syndication

To ensure dissemination of materials we can reach out to media producers and prospects and optimize the response to information releases. As an example, by reaching out to journalists covering such stories we can optimize the coverage of announcements.

Lead renewal

Cold leads often rot in CRMs with few preferring to follow them up. Our lead renewal activities can often bring vigor into some of these old data.

Appointment setting

Some of our demand generation services create requests for appointments anyway. Upon request, Telegenisys creates appointment setting campaigns that follow-up leads during media syndication and offer them an appointment. For example, while announcing a white paper we can easily ask if the prospect would like to speak to a senior specialist that can tell them more about it, thus converting the lead into an appointment follow-up. Here are some types of appointments we set for the purpose of demand generation.

  • Webinar and event registrations
  • Survey meetings
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Customer feedback for your products and your competitors

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