Technical support

7 Reasons why you should consider Remote Tech Support

The technical support a customer receives is often as important to the customer experience as the product itself when something inevitably goes wrong. The customer could be very happy with the product up until the point that he or she encounters an issue. Customers come to trust a company that routinely provides excellent service. Making quality technical support a priority within an organization is one of the best investments that can be made to improve customer retention.

Technical support quality

Telegenisys realized that the quality of technical support is an integral part of the product evaluation process for customers. That being said, customer support is a mission-critical function. This increased focus on customer service has resulted in Telegenisys receiving an A+ rating from the BBB.

Technical support via voice calls

Telegenisys offers installation, break-fix, managed services, help desk, and a variety of other support solutions for various technical products. Services are delivered into a multi-tiered environment with well-coordinated handling of Tier 1, Tier 2, and coordination management for Tier 3 support. Remote desktop is used frequently to provide a more immediate, hands-on approach to customers; technical issues. Telegenisys also creates YouTube videos to build a tech support knowledgebase, empowering customers to self-support smaller issues.

E-mail technical support

From website form management to responsiveness tracking, Telegenisys offers a mature e-mail support solution. Using extensive knowledge bases and standardized response templates, e-mail support technicians working with Telegenisys respond to over 75% of messages within an hour under normal circumstances. Telegenisys also offers solutions to clients needing assistance in meeting turn around times during periods of peak volume. Clients employing Telegenisys e-mail technical support solutions will benefit from happy customers that feel valued by the attentiveness provided to their inquiries.

IM/Chat technical support

Telegenisys deploys both custom chat solutions and well-known industry help desks to support clients’ technical products. Chat support is available for both sales and product assistance. The approach employed in this particular support method is to stay in constant contact with the customer and not trying to solve every problem with one message. It is important that customers do not feel that their time is being valued and respected.

Knowledge base creation / Technical writing

Telegenisys routinely organizes and creates knowledge bases for both new and existing products. Those interested in having a knowledge base created can contact the company for a quote. Telegenisys specializes specifically in walkthrough videos to help customers self-troubleshoot their own issues. Traditional-style manuals are also available, composed by writers with many years in the field.

Multi-tiered support

Telegenisys specializes in multi-tiered support. Support phases and resolutions are documented and peg performance metrics on tier management so that customers are better served. Telegenisys is capable of providing technical support for simply one-tier or all product support, whatever fits the client’s needs. Regardless of the level of support being provided, clients can be assured that customer service and satisfaction will be the sole focus.

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