Medical summaries

Medical Summaries

With over 15 years of experience summarizing medical records, over 100 distinct medical summary types, we used our experience to develop the most advanced software-assisted summary process in 2019. Using this modernized approach to medical record data summarization we can support every assertion we include in our medical summary with multiple levels of references. Our summaries are provided to our customers in one unified file which includes an organized medical record. When MS Word and Excel formats are required they can easily be exported from the PDF files we deliver. These unified and integrated summary reports are bookmarked and hyperlinked through the medical record. We required data organization to summarize records anyway, this modernized approach exposes the work we do to our clients, provides the additional data visualizations while making the summary fully audit-able and understandable.

You will not find a more competent source for medical summaries in existence. Our technology and people resources together deliver excellence for every medical review use case.

Some use cases our team supports

Our medical summaries

To make our summaries understandable we present medical facts chronologically with particular attention to the specific use case our clients are engaged in. Our summaries group pertinent details and come along with a fully organized medical record. Every assertion is hyperlinked and bookmarked into the medical record so we can deliver on our promise of accuracy, excellence, and relevance in our presentations.

Organizing medical facts for summaries

Research Report - Making Sense of PDF Medical Records

Understanding medical data about a patient is necessary to develop summaries for any use case our clients have in mind. Using our experience over several years and millions of medical record pages Telegenisys has developed VMR (Visualize Medical Records). This level of organization is used in hospitals, university research departments, and in advanced pharma research. Telegenisys delivers this level of expertise with every medical summary.

Every medical summary we produced is bookmarked, hyperlinked, and referenced using our software technology. We deliver a unified and referenced medical file to support our medical summaries. Microsoft Excel and Word exports are built into our deliveries.

Examples of medical summaries available for review

Hundreds of medical summary formats available for customization to exactly our clients’ use case. Click here to view and download some of our selected examples.




Customizing medical summaries to use cases and pricing

Telegenisys always develop exactly the format our clients are comfortable using. Typically our first summary is designed to present options for our clients to develop their summary product.

This price-line is a guideline and we often develop a quote based on the specific solution our clients need. This includes SLAs (turnaround times), the complexity of summary, and volume of work.

See the difference between software referenced and organized summaries and manual summaries. Excel in your medical reviews using modern medical records technology.  To download assets on this page for your offline review click below:

Request our medical summary document set and get following documents for free:

  • Medical summary comparison
  • Medical summary formats – Options selection map
  • Making sense of PDF medical records – A research report
  • Our Medical summary example
  • 10 Unique ways we make better summaries
Patient demographic

An easy and convenient way to find the medical information you need quickly and easily.

  • More than 100 format types.
  • Customized to suit your needs.
  • hyperlinked references, which makes it easy for you to find the information you need quickly and easily.
  • Organized in chronological format.
  • Export data in MS Word and Excel files from PDFs.
  • Custom data extraction from medical records
  • Pain indication studies for lawyers and doctors

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Some of our use cases

Medical Summary - Condition Specific-01

Condition specific summary

Medical Summary - Deep Document Reference Example-56

Deep document reference summary


Disability specific summary


Malpractice incident summary

Medical Summary - Narrative Tabular View-18

Narrative tabular summary

Medical Cronology - Condition Referenced-32

Condition referenced summary

Medical summary blogs

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Medical summary – 100+ formats

Medical summary – examples

Medical chronology – samples

Medical summary for life expectancy evaluations


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