Medical summaries

Medical Summaries organize medical data from multiple healthcare and non-healthcare providers in a sequence that makes it easy to review a person’s medical history covered by those records. Such an organization of data provides a reader with a cohesive and rapid review of medical information required to fulfill the specific use case. Such summaries are customized for use in legal, insurance, research and healthcare industries among others. Effective summaries save time and expose medical facts necessary to draw conclusions about the patient/person. 

Where are summaries used?

Summaries are most useful where thousands of pages of medical and non-medical records need to be assessed in a brief amount of time and analysis made of his/her health status based on the prognosis as outlined in the records.

We produce medical summaries for:

For life expectancy settlements, medical summaries highlight the disease, its severity, progression, improvement, and remission. Our medical summaries offer a deeper view to underwriters so that complex or large cases can be actioned more rapidly.

In Legal Applications including:

  • Personal Injury actions
  • Workman’s compensation claims
  • Medical malpractice
  • Mass tort
  • Life insurance settlement actions
  • Other litigation support

When done for legal applications a medical summaries becomes an exhibit to support assertions. This is critical in developing the extent of the injury and provides both doctors opinions and medical events in an easy to comprehend format

Underwriting, claims, medical coverage, and billing audits…

In Insurance Company’s medical summaries we help define fiscal implications for both the carrier and the user. The assessment of the health status of an individual at the most current date and the premium chargeable depending on the liability to the company. Life Insurance is one of the largest consumers of medical summaries used for underwriting, claims processing and portfolio analysis among other applications.

Continuity of Care, Patient Intake, Pathology, and Genomics etc.

Medical summaries help with patient intake assessments, external record analytics, group health assessments among a large number of uses. Instead of importing medical pdfs, professionals can have concise medical summaries to review for conclusions.

Record portability, custodian spaces, Medical record acquisition etc

5 Million + health care providers

Reference information on every medical provider in the patient record with declared specialties.  We verify every provider’s NPI registration and declared specialties(taxonomy codes).Know by official registry if a pediatrician is offering a geriatric opinion or all the declared specialties the healthcare provider is qualified in.

ICD 10 / 9 references

Every medical condition with detailed ICD 10/9 Billing code references.  Everywhere a condition is mentioned we use the CMS data tables to look up and show you conditions and condition history.  This is the most authoritative database of its kind and its used for billing medical services. Every medical abbreviation elaborated and referenced.

FDAs national drug code references

Every drug that is known to FDA through the national drug code index.  You will see every mention in medical record referenced and we can provide drug use analytics. With optional drug analytics we show drug prescriptions and dosage over time based on class of drug.


Lab analytics

Option to see every lab report groupings and lab analytics.  Establish clearly how chronic conditions are controlled by seeing lab values over time.

Unique medical event model

Every medical event referenced by type and over time.  See how many times the patient has seen a specialist. Know the outcomes in one place.

Vitals data analytics

Vitals analytics.  See changes in weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, and temperature over the timeline of medical record.

100+ Medical summary formats

This medical summary is fully integrated with these features so you can see exactly how our summary experts built the summary.

Print or PDF we support dual indexing

Dual referencing in index tables and in Acrobat pdf bookmarks so a reviewer can get from anywhere to anywhere else in the record instantly during a review.

Medical chronology gold standard

Multi dimensional chronologies displaying medical event summaries, provider specific chronologies, condition chronologies.  Rapidly reference more than 6 chronology sections.

We at Telegenisys understand that a Medical summary is a complete and detailed health history of an individual.
Summaries break down the facts found in the form of multiple laboratory tests, progress reports, consultations, second opinions, investigative examinations, and other reports that lead to the patient’s current health status. For a medical summary to be compelling it should be honest, clear, complete and compliant. While being easy to work with, it should be crisp and in clear understandable language and reference easily available being hyperlinked to each type of medical event and bookmarks that the content is referring. A good comprehensive summary is the smoothest way sail through a sea of thousands of pages without drowning the facts due to oversight.
The process for creating a chronological medical summary at Telegenisys Inc. starts with organizing the records.
Organizing medical records into a medical chronology is the basic part of summarization regardless of who the end-user is. There is an inherent problem working with reports that are scans and images that cannot be read by the OCR. We mitigate this error risk by manually entering the correct date and time. The provider is verified using the NPI index. Unlisted providers’ reports are placed under the hospital that they are affiliated with. This is processed by a specialized team of people who have a keen eye for detail, and they pick the correct dates and mark events.
Once all the events present in all the files are marked, we run the chronology software. This automatically rearranges the records in a chronology based not only on the date of the encounter but also the time of the encounter. These chronologies are available in multiple customizable categorizations.
Telegenisys broadly categorizes records into the following headings and these may be further customized based on the requirements provided by the customer.

  • Medical event chronology – date and time
  • Chronology by provider type – each provider’s records are segregated by provider name
  • Chronology by event type – type of clinic visited based on the type of visit.
  • ICD-9 Codes found in medical record – Based on the ICD-9 codes.
  • ICD-10 Codes found in medical record – Based on the ICD-10 codes.
  • Common drugs found in medical record – Drugs related to systems found in the records.

Telegenisys has developed over time an elite team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and medical language experts. The completed chronology is then processed by these summarizers or extractors. They list all the related medical records of a particular disease condition and encompass the four major milestones namely onset of disease, the progression that includes the severity, the complications of treatment, the effect of the medication on the patient and finally the present status whether the disease is still active, has relapsed, or is in total remission. They also list the baseline health status of the patient and show how the person has been affected. They show you the functional status as well as the longevity of the individual.

Audit Medical Records

Health Insurance companies can spot inconsistencies and review every medical event for claim management when they use MEDICAL GRADE SUMMARIES.

Rapid Patient Intake and Medical Review

Healthcare providers who scan in large records into their EHR system can get a fully referenced view of patient information for better patient outcomes. Rapid patient intake, study enrollment or research review and extractions are possible with MEDICAL GRADE REVIEW!
If you review medical records there is NO BETTER WAY to rapidly and comprehensively examine patient information.

Highly Credentialed Service Provider

Telegenisys is an externally audited HIPAA compliant, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified provider of medical reviews for cancer research, chronic disease management, life underwriting, personal injury evaluation among other smaller uses.

Get The Software

If you prefer to generate summaries and organize records with our hyper reference product reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you with the software.

Medical chronology & documents for legal use

Medical chronology supported by annotated or narrative summaries.  Pain and suffering assessments. Transcription & deposition summaries. Document preparation and record analysis are just some of our services.

Life & medical insurance

Underwriting and claims support with hyperlinked precision medical summaries and chronologies to make insurance support processes rapid and effective while reducing costs.  Our medical professionals review and quality control our products.

Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

Medical assessment and pharma. support with record cleaning, organization and summaries.  Our products are developed to help doctors and industry professionals collect data from diverse sources and integrate it into comprehensive summaries.

Credibility and trust are hard-earned.

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 Telegenisys has been remarkable to work with! They are a professional, organized, and responsible team who always gets the work done efficiently and effectively. They helped support our business by cleaning and organizing medical records, Allowing us to optimize our workflows for better and faster service. 

Bianca F, Product operations manager, Genomic solutions company

 Telegenisys is our preferred partner in the underwriting area. They provide medical abstracts which enables our underwriting team to make accurate and informed decisions. Since we first started our contract in April 2018, We have significantly expanded the team at Telegenisys. given our positive Experience with them, We highly recommend Telegenisys as a partner to support your business. 

Kevin M, CEO, Life expectancy underwriting

 Your whole team quickly overcame our hesitancy with good communication skills and patience in onboarding us as a client. We found your friendly service to be efficient and reliable in delivering high quality medical record reviews. Telegenisys provided secure portals with the upmost care insuring client confidentiality and HIPAA privacy. The medical review was “spot on” both fast and efficient. We will gladly recommend you to others. 

Charles M, Firm administrator, California law office

 Telegenisys HIPAA client audit positive findings mature privacy programs which includes HIPAA/HITECH training on privacy and security Policies and procedures for both IT and physical security. We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with Telegenisys. 

Kathleen K, Vice president compliance & Privacy, Medical records company


Highly regarded, Top rated

Telegenisys has been remarkable to work with! They are a professional, organized, and responsible team who always gets the work done efficiently and effectively. They helped support our business by cleaning and organizing medical records, Allowing us to optimize our workflows for better and faster service.

Commitment to security

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its security procedures. Our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes for decades we have delivered consistent durable results.

Commitment to quality

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its quality control procedures. our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes for decades we have delivered consistent durable results. And as for finding a reputable overseas firm with whom to have that relationship, in my opinion, there is no reason to look farther than Telegenisys. You’ve already found – if not the best – then certainly one of the best!

Commitment to privacy

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its HIPAA (Health Insurance portability and accountability act that was passed by Congress in 1996) procedures for over a decade we have worked on protected health information without incident.


Visualize medical record developments

VMR now incorporates the ability to add custom data probes. By using key terms medical review teams can add to the VMR medical database. The output of these deep probe terms can be focused on sections of the medical record or the entire record. These terms are already being used to detect symptoms and relevant data connected with canavan disease research and in life expectancy sciences, And legal chronology terms to identify trauma treatments.

Life expectancy database

Telegenisys released the beta version of its life expectancy underwriting data probes. Having worked for years in creating life expectancy abstracts the need for a custom data set that included ratable conditions can comorbidities became clear. These data probes allow underwriters to move faster through the medical record by viewing the full chronology of each ratable condition mentioned in the record. Thousands of pages of the medical record are reduced into ratable condition chronologies with an additional layer of co-morbidities for quick analysis.

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