Outsourced data entry, the solution to the traffic ticket logjam?

Outsourced data entry services and solution to resolving traffic tickets

According to The Mercury News, the Santa Clara County courts have faced delays in resolving traffic tickets because clerks are too busy dealing with questions and complaints from confused motorists.

Per the mercury news, “​In the long run, Santa Clara County court administrators may outsource the ticket data entry, a cost-saving step most urban counties, including Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and San Francisco, already have taken.”

Many organizations are facing such obstacles in their day to day life and are now looking to outsource their data entry work. Outsourcing massive data entry work saves money while freeing up the qualified staff who can then attend their clients and ensure the quality of service.

Telegenisys has been helping our clients get the data they need accurately and on time for over two decades.

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