Why campaigns fail

Dedicated Team for Campaign and Contacts for USA
Being a time and labor intensive task, only dedicated teams can make persistent efforts to produce a steady stream of updated contacts. Contact discovery campaigns that focus on generating a small number of contacts fail because there is no time dedicated to developing interest in the campaign. Short cuts seldom work in this field. Generating interest and establishing value calls for time intensive hard work that requires a perfected technique and established process. Having the most exhaustive contact discovery list gives a clear edge over competitors and that is possible if there an experienced dedicated team at work. Unlike rented lists, the lists made by the dedicated team can be used over and over.
When a company has a dedicated team at work, the contract naturally works on the basis of payment by time invested. This helps to bring down costs because the team may be able to produce 30-50 contacts per day per researcher deployed towards the campaign. Contrast that with teams that work on a pay by performance basis. In a pay by performance model, the payment for a contact could go as high as $12 to $14. This is because payment is calculated for the number of contacts provided rather than the time spent on them. It is for this reason that firms negotiate a contract based on the number of hours the dedicated team spends on contact discovery rather than the number of contacts provided.

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