Why outsource data entry services

Why Outsource Data Entry Services and their important

The changing storage landscape

‘An early-morning fire gutted a section of the Spanish town courthouse, several hundred court documents have been completely destroyed never to be regained.’ This is an excerpt from a news item in the Caribbean1, but it is easily conceivable that this could happen anywhere and affect any business. In light of the importance of information and its ability to be accessed, the storage landscape has changed significantly. This change in the storage landscape is so far advanced that it is more likely that one can access a soft copy of a document than the original hard copy assuming that a hard copy was ever even created.

It cannot be disputed that physical documents are not only vulnerable to threats such as destruction by natural disasters, accidents, or even willful theft. Yet now more than ever the storage of information is being made mandatory in the face of threats from money laundering frontiers and terrorist organizations. For instance, just before the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers in the United States, documents containing information known as ‘simple due diligence’ were not required internationally by many professions and industries. Yet after the attack, there was enhanced awareness of terrorist financing and money laundering to name a few things. This one requirement saw businesses rethink how information was documented and stored as it did not take long for them to realize that physical storage was not tenable. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft took advantage of this situation and began to advocate for cloud-based storage. Fortunately for these companies, many organizations are in agreement with and have started to use these solutions. However, this gave rise to the recognition that there is a need to standardize all areas of document storage, hence data entry tasks (Outsource Data Entry Services) were born in a way never before experienced.

Problems with internal data entry employees

To be very frank, data entry does not rank among the top 10 most exciting functions or departments in any organization. It requires a lot of effort and concentration but at the same time the skill level required is not necessarily high and as such the remuneration allocated to such posts is not usually high. One would think that this is not problematic, but on the contrary, it is submitted that this is one of the main challenges. Because data entry salaries are not one of the most attractive, persons are not always motivated to take the functions involved in data entry seriously nor are they usually motivated to complete tasks speedily. The result here is losses for a company that uses its own data entry staff.

Why outsource data entry services

For these reasons, Telegenisys strongly advocates for and actively seeks to provide business process outsourcing solutions particularly for those who want to outsource data entry services. We pride ourselves on being an organization with a global outlook and as such we are willing to literally cross waters to provide the best data entry services possible.

1 The Jamaica Observer, March 12, 2004, http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/57000_-12-5-m-fire-at-Spanish-Town-RM-Court

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