Analyzing Help Desk Outsourcing Trends

The History

Outsourcing in India began in 1990s. It all started with outsourcing of medical transcription services and its successful implementation. This kicked off the outsourcing of help desk services too that would rank second if we are to list all the business domains that augmented business process outsourcing in India.

However, the real upsurge happened in the late 1990s when the government of India declared radical polices and directives for the emerging segments such as information technology and telecommunications. This progressive reform augmented a rapid growth in these two sectors that helped the outsourcing companies to provide efficient and quality help desk services to global clients.
The Current Scenario

If we look at the current state of help desk outsourcing, we can notice that this industry is still growing speedily impelling high requirement of superlative quality customer care and support services. The current growth rate of the outsourcing industry is reported nearly 60-70% each year. It has become mandatory for businesses to ensure complete customer satisfaction for building a successful enterprise in the long run thus propelling them to turn towards help desk outsourcing services.

The major clients being the US and the UK, European countries too are now forced to outsource their offshore services to Asian countries such as India. Australia too is looking to outsource the help desk services. Out of the nine Asia Pacific countries, Gartner reports India as a global leader in revenue.

Traditionally, cost benefit, efficient service and large scale economies have propelled business to outsource their help desk services to India. The globalization of business process outsourcing services is expected to benefit organizations by providing standardized systems and processes that are accepted globally, irrespective of the size, location and industry.
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