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If you collect medical records, we can help: More than a decade of experience in APS Chart retrieval operations for healthcare delivery,  complete medical record retrieval for research, chart retrieval for insurance, and detailed, annotated medical record retrieval with HITECH option for legal application means we understand some of the nuances of the record acquisition process.  Our processes are HIPAA Certified, ISO quality compliant, ISO Secure, reputable (BBB) and our attention to detail is unparalleled.  From request creation, to record organization, chronologies, and summaries we are deeply engaged in the medical data transmission process. Telegenisys provides both consulting and outsourced teams to streamline and accelerate medical record retrieval. We provide research and free resources to help organizations who need to collect records.  When our clients are comfortable with the process we provide outsourced teams to do the work of implementing a superior record collection process.  You can count on us for results and cost savings. Most of the unpredictable and expensive outcomes in medical record retrieval requests stem from some of the following root causes:

  1. Inability to rapidly identify which provider has the record.
  2. Improper request formats that do not establish authority and scope of the request.
  3. Inappropriate expectations from providers that have published a policy on cycle times.
  4. HITECH requests that do not inform the provider of legal requirements.
  5. Trying to negotiate copy costs without concern for the time of the provider.
  6. Skipping use of appropriate LOR (Letter of Representation) or authority (subpoena etc.)
  7. Use of third-party copy services that delay the process in some states.
  8. Not taking advantage of electronic delivery of records.
  9. Post-processing duplicates, non-client information, and sometimes bad data.

We are also busy creating solutions for our clients.  Some of these are:

  1. Integrated charts that are hyperlinked by using an extensible document object model.
  2. Event-based medical document organization that provides a searchable context for records based on provider type, event type, date, context, and summary.
  3. Automatic reference creation by using advanced annotation of ICD 10 billing codes and National Drug Codes (NDC) to help users of medical records.
  4. Our technology group is creating an advanced record request tracking system that integrates with third-party document systems using extensible and standard data exchange format.

Here are some free resources we have prepared for you. Working with healthcare provider databases can he hard.  Here are some resources to help you create a comprehensive solution.  If you already have a mature medical record retrieval process reach out to us if you need a team to process record collection work (800)-510-9053.

Free White-paper : Rapid and precise healthcare provider identification using the National provider index

US department of health and human Services (CMS group) has created a database of over 5 Million healthcare providers.  Virtually anyone paid by insurance in the US has an NPI registration and this identity uniquely identifies a provider.  The database also exposes affiliations to group practices and hospitals to help determine who has the medical record required.  Telegenisys has published a white paper to help you deploy the process.  The whitepaper is free and you can request it here.  With new end point data in this database users will be able to reach healthcare providers through email.

Free normalizing scripts for NPI database also provides a data dissemination zip file that you can download and search through however you want. The problem is that the tools you normally use to look at data files probably won’t do you any good because the source file is both too long and too wide for easy use.  The length of the file is understandable. There is after all at least one line per healthcare institution or doctor’s office. For most uses, the data can be filtered out to, say all Hospitals in Texas. That will bring the length down to a manageable size, but the npi data file is still too wide. At last count, this file had 329 columns, and it tends to grow with each release.  Reach out to us to get normalization scripts here. Email us at, and we’ll send you a copy of our scripts every time HHS changes their schema. I.e., with every release of their database.

Medical Record Retrieval Costs

Many of the unpredictable outcomes originate from the format and nature of the medical record retrieval request.

To streamline the request process the package a retrieval company develops must recognize how healthcare workers are trained to fulfill document requests.  If you need help to develop an effective request package reach out to us.  Here is a good reference on how healthcare workers look at and process record requests: . Relevant portion begins at “Processing the Request”

Team management & attribution

When our teams are applied they help create a full audit trail as required by HIPAA laws.  Our external HIPAA audits reaffirm our implementation.

  1. Dynamic knowledgebase creation for change management on our intranets.
  2. Full attribution spreadsheets of who touched records in any stage.
  3. Full case management using our Asana platform for project management.
  4. Full client communication access including voice and screen-share using the encrypted Slack platform.
  5. Frequent client meeting to ensure compliance tracking.

Our teams are dedicated to results no matter how challenging the work procedure.

Medical record organization

Record organization teams at TGSI ensure that the records are correct and carefully organize them by event chronology creating several hyperlinked table of contents by event type, provider type, record type.  We support cancer research, healthcare, insurance and legal support merging and organizing records that often run into thousands of pages.  Our organization presents a more meaningful, rapidly accessible view of patient medical history.

Fees negotiations are vital to any medical record retrieval process and can reduce third-party request cycle times while lowering costs for client users.

Attorneys are increasingly using The health information technology for economic and clinical health act or HITECH Act of 2009 to lower costs for obtaining medical records. Three elements of this Act allow representatives and patients to lower costs:

  1. Has the Right to obtain a copy of their E-Health Records (EMR/EHR).
  2. If the record is available in electronic form, “any fee” that a provider may impose, “shall not be greater than the entity’s labor costs in responding to the request for the copy.”
  3. The patient has the right “to direct the covered entity to transmit such copy directly to an entity or person designated by the individual.” This includes several entities including lawyers.

Request tracking system

Telegenisys has developed a record collection software solution to track and invoice record requests to completion.  The platform includes a delivery system that is HIPAA compliant and can be customized to client policies and application specifics.  The system features:

  1. Custom interfaces to pickup client requests.
  2. NPI resolver for identifying location of records.
  3. Full call center module to followup on open requests.
  4. Highly automated time saving templates for fax and email integration.
  5. Powered by industry standard databases.
  6. Fully integrated with our service teams.

Medical summaries

For medical practitioners like pain clinics, brain and spine surgeons among others we create chart summaries that are reviewed by medical professionals.  For legal applications, we create chronology supported by pain assessments, mass tort spreadsheets for multiple cases, medication comparisons etc. Many times attorneys require updates which are easily possible using our pdf embedded databases.  For insurance, we produce life certificates, chronologies.  We can create references for all ICD codes and NDC drug codes in a medical record for simple and rapid reference.

Credibility and trust are hard-earned.

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 Telegenisys has been remarkable to work with! They are a professional, organized, and responsible team who always gets the work done efficiently and effectively. They helped support our business by cleaning and organizing medical records, Allowing us to optimize our workflows for better and faster service. 

Bianca F, Product operations manager, Genomic solutions company

 Telegenisys is our preferred partner in the underwriting area. They provide medical abstracts which enables our underwriting team to make accurate and informed decisions. Since we first started our contract in April 2018, We have significantly expanded the team at Telegenisys. given our positive Experience with them, We highly recommend Telegenisys as a partner to support your business. 

Kevin M, CEO, Life expectancy underwriting

 Your whole team quickly overcame our hesitancy with good communication skills and patience in onboarding us as a client. We found your friendly service to be efficient and reliable in delivering high quality medical record reviews. Telegenisys provided secure portals with the upmost care insuring client confidentiality and HIPAA privacy. The medical review was “spot on” both fast and efficient. We will gladly recommend you to others. 

Charles M, Firm administrator, California law office

 Telegenisys HIPAA client audit positive findings mature privacy programs which includes HIPAA/HITECH training on privacy and security Policies and procedures for both IT and physical security. We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with Telegenisys. 

Kathleen K, Vice president compliance & Privacy, Medical records company


Highly regarded, Top rated

Telegenisys has been remarkable to work with! They are a professional, organized, and responsible team who always gets the work done efficiently and effectively. They helped support our business by cleaning and organizing medical records, Allowing us to optimize our workflows for better and faster service.

Commitment to security

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its security procedures. Our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes for decades we have delivered consistent durable results.

Commitment to quality

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its quality control procedures. our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes for decades we have delivered consistent durable results. And as for finding a reputable overseas firm with whom to have that relationship, in my opinion, there is no reason to look farther than Telegenisys. You’ve already found – if not the best – then certainly one of the best!

Commitment to privacy

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its HIPAA (Health Insurance portability and accountability act that was passed by Congress in 1996) procedures for over a decade we have worked on protected health information without incident.


Visualize medical record developments

VMR now incorporates the ability to add custom data probes. By using key terms medical review teams can add to the VMR medical database. The output of these deep probe terms can be focused on sections of the medical record or the entire record. These terms are already being used to detect symptoms and relevant data connected with canavan disease research and in life expectancy sciences, And legal chronology terms to identify trauma treatments.

Life expectancy database

Telegenisys released the beta version of its life expectancy underwriting data probes. Having worked for years in creating life expectancy abstracts the need for a custom data set that included ratable conditions can comorbidities became clear. These data probes allow underwriters to move faster through the medical record by viewing the full chronology of each ratable condition mentioned in the record. Thousands of pages of the medical record are reduced into ratable condition chronologies with an additional layer of co-morbidities for quick analysis.

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