Medical record retrieval for law firms and insurance companies

medical records retrieval

Medical record retrieval

When you need medical records we take the assignment with serious urgency. Our SLAs are designed to get the request out in as little as 4 business hours. Follow-up calls in as little as 8 business hours. Our follow-up policy is designed to give providers time to respond but we take provider commitments seriously. If a provider indicates that records will be ready in 7 days you can be sure we will follow up in exactly 7 days and exactly the way their policy states.

With more than a decade of experience retrieving medical records for a broad variety of use cases we are decisive, determined and assertive about getting the records to you as soon as possible. Our rush SLAs are designed to keep administrative time to handle requests to less than 24 hrs.

Due to the depth of our knowledge and experience with medical record retrieval we handle a variety of use cases from patient intake for cancer and genomic study clinics to complete record retrieval for research, chart retrieval for insurance, and detailed annotated records retrieval. We provide a HiTech option for legal application of the record acquisition process where possible.

Our processes are HIPAA Certified, ISO quality compliant, ISO Secure, reputable (BBB) and our attention to detail is incomparable. From request creation, to record organization, chronologies, and summaries we are deeply engaged in the medical data transmission process. Telegenisys provides both consulting and outsourced teams to streamline and accelerate medical record retrieval. We provide research and free resources to help organizations who need to collect records. When our clients are comfortable with the process we provide outsourced teams to do the work of implementing a superior record collection process. You can count on us for results and cost savings.

Superior Logistics

Whether you have thousands of requests to add at a time or one, Telegenisys MRR records portal is capable of data uploads and integration. Every case is assigned a collection case specialist who takes responsibility for the progress of every request with daily updates to ensure that followup is on time and delivery is on schedule. Unlike other providers we provide an estimated collection data and update it with every contact. Regardless of the deadlines that drive our clients they are assured of our best estimate at all times. With integration to the National Provider Index our database delivers instant data on 5.4 Million medical providers. From request intake to record delivery the process is closely managed, planned and delivers the service excellence we strive to deliver.

What is medical record retrieval and what use cases does Telegenisys support?

Medical record retrieval service fetches records from care providing facilities to clients and their representatives. We collect records for pharmaceutical companies doing clinical trials, for lawyers, insurance companies. We use the HiTech services and the traditional process depending on what process the facility employs. We are geared to guard against modern threats to personal information.

Types of use cases we cater to

Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms / lawyers

Outsourcing your record retrieval process significantly reduces the time spent by your staff for this activity. Our record retrieval process is specially designed to support billing retrieval and our follow through chronology services ensure that you have all the information required to improve client outcomes.

APS Retrieval for Life Insurance Companies

We are one of a few companies who offer medical record sufficiency tests. This helps us develop more complete medical risk data and ensures that underwriter questions are answered. When combined with chronological index/sort services we ensure that underwriters have the information organized for quick decisions. Our follow through APS summaries can be customized and integrated with out record organization. This unifies the services so that a complete underwriting support package can be customized to client needs

medical records

Complete Medical Record Retrieval for Pharmaceutical and Research

Our pharma and research records retrieval process analyses each data recorded, which includes all kinds of information from educational backgrounds to the latest radiology films to ensure sufficient data is available in your records for research. It also detects any gaps or missing information in detail and presents it to you for amendment.

Retrieval for HEDIS Audit Support

Telegenisys HEDIS solution helps health plans assess the quality of care and service rapidly. Telegenisys records portal allows for multiple cases to be retrieved simultaneously to meet the audit timeframe. Save time and money while collecting multiple sets of records for the same patient.

As charts are retrieved are accessible from the Telegenisys HIPAA cloud. Telegenisys can provide case level abstracts to further speed up audits.

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Medical Electronic records verified by Telegenisys Inc.

Retrieval for Patients – Patient Intake and Updates

Telegenisys has developed an entirely customized workflow for healthcare retrievals. From “While You Wait” retrievals when patients are waiting in the office to doctor to doctor expedited retrieval we can get the records to meet your timelines without losing them in the fax machine or having them wait for filing. Our records are electronically delivered so they can be used immediately. Our follow through services include record organization so records can be reviewed immediately and medical summaries to help healthcare professionals provide for faster data use.

Request our medical record retrieval document set. You get following documents for free:

  • 10 Advantages of Medical records retrieval service
  • Record types with protected health information


Eliminate tedious medical records retrieval effort by your staff and reduce the need to work with medical providers individually.

Get your records faster.
Avoid any image/radiology transfer downtime.
Transparency in retrieval status of the request, project, and facility levels.
HiTech support provides fast and safe transfer of records.
Far more cost effective than alternative solutions.

Hi-Tech Solutions

Our hi-tech solutions not only provide you with the most accurate and updated information but also drastically reduce the time required in the retrieval process. Telegenisys has streamlined the process of electronic handling:
Real-time status updates.
The entire process, from request to billing, is entirely digital allowing you to save on delivery time.
We have implemented digital signatures so that you can authenticate the records online.
You get all the records in pdf format saving your time of scanning and converting hard copies from the hospitals.
Telegenisys contracts with CITRIX HIPAA Cloud on Sharefile ensuring HIPAA compliance and management of digital records.

Speedy Retrieval

Mature and controllable expedited process for a streamlined record retrieval.
Faster provider identification with a direct connection to the provider database of 5.4 Million medical service providers. This is the same data that most insurance companies use for tracking provider payments.
4-24 Hour service level agreements to get the medical request to the providers.
Commitment based client controlled followup policies.
Real time records portal for instructions and status.
24 Hour turn-around for digitizing / delivering records.
Instant access HIPAA cloud for storage and simple downloads.
System integration when volume demands it.

Global Retrieval Experience

US Protected Information Retrieval
Canada Medical Records
Latin America Record Retrieval
Asia and Far East Record Retrieval Services
Europe / EU Zone
General Notes On International Retrieval

Service attributes which support global retrieval

Language & Translation Services
Record Organization Support for Foreign Records
Normalizing reference model for foreign records
Turn around time for record retrieval

Client-centric Retrieval

We hold customer service in high regard in our company. Your requirements are our priority. You, as the customer, dictate the terms on what you want. And it is our job to deliver it to you.
Identifiable and reachable case manager for each request.
Online communication portals of SLACK, ASANA and Google Suite.
Recordable training meetings.
Process Manager for process level conversations and instructions.
Real time portal and reporting.
Real time SLA tracking.

Cost Containment Efficiencies

Facility handling

During vendor implementation, we call the clients to review and identify “specific instructions” to understand how best to obtain their records and make requests to fulfill sufficiency in one go.

Provider matching

We start with facility verification to ensure that the requests are going to the correct facility for which we rely on our NPI database to establish the correct facility or unique providers, organizing requests by sites and preferred retrieval methods. We also ask our clients for all required documentation upfront and provide these along with the authorization request.

Request letters

We download authorization request forms and fill these according to the client requirement. We create client-specific transmittal letters and send them to the facility medical records department. Depending on the facility requirement separate requests are prepared for billing and radiology records. Multiple requests are sent simultaneously to streamline the process.

Retrieval prioritization

We call the facility and verify the receipt of the request and request a tentative turn around time.

Retrieval methods

Providers send records via fax, secure email, and upload to our secure ShareFile portal. We also accept hard copies sent to us by USPS and convert these to the digital format. The physical copies are then shredded and destroyed in compliance with HIPAA. Digital copies are deleted on required schedules to ensure that protected health information is indeed protected.

Follow-up calls

We track the status of our requests by calling the facility on the dates they have asked us to call. All this information is updated in realtime on the tracker. The tracker shows the estimated collection date and highlights any delays for client guidance.

Managing client issues and escalations

The calling team is prompt in reporting any problems with the client. The manager calls the facilities and discusses ways to sort the issues whether it is a problem with some delivery or they require additional documents.

Record storage and delivery

Retrieved records stored in our secure HIPAA compliant cloud. These digital records are delivered to the client by sharing a link. There is little to no transfer downtime for seamless integration. Digitized records can be viewed directly or delivered to clients through secure transmission.


Our account managers have several ways of communicating with clients, including dashboards and detailed reports showing current project status. Authorized client users can also access our systems directly to track progress, view records, and approve copy fees if they fall outside the policy range.

What makes us unique

Over a decade in medical records retrieval
HITECH retrieval support
Over 5 million medical providers with instant lookup
Rapid access to US providers
Average 12-day retrieval
Real-time status updates on record retrieval portal
Automated billing for retrieval and services
Record sufficiency tests as per client instructions
Retrieval followup policy control
Nationwide onsite copy service support if needed
Electronic access to data from many hospitals
Support for film and special retrievals
Support for electronic signatures
Support for medical record organization

Contact us now to experience a hassle-free and smooth retrieval process to obtain and organize/index your medical records.

Medical Record Organization Services

Visualize Medical records
Research Report - Making Sense of PDF Medical Records

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