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2021 new technologies, new services, and new industries.

Telegenisys announces VMR – Visualize medical records.  Unifying all medical data and then developing a medical database that can be displayed, searched or exported. Know more…

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Life expectancy abstracts

Over 2 million pages, thousands of summaries evaluate life expectancy for underwriters.  Telegenisys’ Medical Services unit is staffed by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical records professionals. Know more…

visualize medical records logo 15x

Helping research ultra rare diseases

Telegenisys’ is helping with medical records retrieval for the retrospective aspects of the study.  Once records are received we organize medical data into databases chronologically so researchers can extract usable data rapidly. Know more…

Our services, research and software

Telegenisys developed VMR medical record referencing software for legal, insurance, healthcare and research. This medical grade product vastly increases the speed of detailed review of medical information. Our services group engineers and delivers excellence using ISO9001 quality standards, ISO27001 data security standards and HIPAA privacy standards. Our processes are designed to deliver durable savings and consistent results.

Medical records services

Easy to visualize medical referencing is our goal. We produce Medical chronologies , summaries, abstracts, Custom data extracts and a wider variety of reports for legal, insurance, pharma, healthcare, and research. From genomics to life expectancy our work with medical records is precise and our software-assisted services are unparalleled. Enter a new world that allows you to navigate medical records with ease.

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Healthcare support

Medical practice support calls for compassionate, caring yet precision support. Managing inbound fax queues, patient intake and practitioner assignments, lab and medical report data extraction, patient insurance pre-approvals, scheduling, billing and billing audits, revenue cycle management are just some of the areas where we support healthcare practices. Our systems are customized secure and reliable.  Our service is legendary.

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Medical records retrieval

Our team of medical records retrieval and healthcare professionals provide support for rapid record retrievals within your timelines. Whether your needs are for research requiring radiology film or medical records for litigation support, APS statements for life insurance or billing statements, or pharmacy records, we have done it for over a decade and can improve your outcomes with our advanced, responsive, precision process that expedites record retrieval.

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Omnichannel support services

Allowing users to customize their support experience without losing the support ticket context is omnichannel.  All our support staff is trained for omnichannel support.

  • Webchat
  • Web call through customer headphone
  • Call center Links that dial mobiles
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Fax & snail mail
  • Knowledgebase

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Outsourcing resources

Using 20 years of experience, we have put together guides and tools for each factor in considering outsourcing:

  • Feasibility
  • Readiness & risk itigation
  • ROI calculator
  • Collaboration tools
  • RFI / RFP process
  • Due diligence
  • Governance & monitoring
  • Service level agreements

Link to join our CEO’s outsourcing blog.

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HIPAA compliant caseworkers

HIPAA Compliance means the very highest quality and data security standards. Our third-party audits and ISO certified procedures translate into precision for over 60,000 medical work units per month.

Data entry to us means defining work well, doing it rapidly and with precision.  Some team SLAs require real time collaboration with overseas teams. Our systems are mature, effective, secure and deliver on our byline of “Service Excellence”.

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Demand generation services

Sales professionals help B2B campaigns through contact discovery, lead generation, appointment setting and inbound sales support. Sales support is systematic and designed to drive results. Our analysts examine calls in 10 second increments to determine the effectiveness of all communication.Inbound sales support is omni-channel and drastically simplifies sales assistance opening up channels clients prefer rather than guiding their behavior. Talk to us about driving success for you.

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Media analytics & data extraction

Telegenisys works for the worlds largest unified TV intelligence network to monitor broadcasts for their clients. Understanding paid and earned impact of media coverage requires media analytics. Our teams help monitor media coverage of events. We examine coverage for both earned and paid media so our clients services are able to generate true ROI of initiatives. Timely precision to exacting standards is what we do.

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GIS and traffic engineering support

Video, high resolution satellite images, drone and aircraft video provide the input for our precision data extraction service.Our teams have geo-mapped highway lanes of the entire US interstate network and most cities and suburbs. Our group frequently helps States examine traffic at congestion points for roadwork plan evaluations.
Precision team outsourcing is what engineering groups can expect from our teams.

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Telegenisys was founded in 1994 to provide technology services and support, delivering superior results with value, precision, and reliability. No matter what the business process, Telegenisys is ISO certified to identify client relevant performance elements including, quality, security, and productivity, to develop an outsourcing model that works durably. In 2006 Telegenisys started serving the insurance and healthcare sectors. It has developed a mature service delivery model to deliver ZERO DEFECTS. Each employee at Telegenisys signs a ZERO DEFECTS pledge.

Each year Telegenisys is externally audited to ensure data privacy through its HIPAA compliance audit. Telegenisys processes comply with and are certified ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant…


Our medical support unit organizes and summarizes medical records, enters lab reports, routes fax communication, examines HIPAA compliance of medical requests and manages complex databases. Our Image analysis unit extracts data from satellite, aircraft and drone video to develop data models for earth surface features and traffic engineering. What ever we touch we drive results.

Visualize medical record developments

VMR now incorporates the ability to add custom data probes.  By using key terms medical review teams can add to the VMR medical database.  The output of these deep probe terms can be focused on sections of the medical record or the entire record.  These terms are already being used to detect symptoms and relevant data connected with Canavan disease research and in life expectancy sciences, and legal chronology terms to identify trauma treatments.

By using these data probes VMR extends it reach to generating directly usable data for speciality use cases.

Natural history study retrospective data

Adding retrospective data to natural history studies improves the outcomes of pre-clinical trial research. Telegenisys is participating in Canavan Natural History Study to improve research data for study sites participating in this study.

Telegenisys collects medical records and generates a medical record data reference available in a database to data extraction teams. These medical databases can easily extend patient tracking into the clinical trial stage by adding to record timelines and updating the medical database we produce.

To see how medical data probes work click here

Life expectancy database

Telegenisys released the beta version of its life expectancy underwriting data probes.  Having worked for years in creating life expectancy abstracts the need for a custom dataset that included ratable conditions can comorbidities became clear.

These data probes allow underwriters to move faster through the medical record by viewing the full chronology of each ratable condition mentioned in the record.  Thousands of pages of the medical record are reduced into ratable condition chronologies with an additional layer of co-morbidities for quick analysis.

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Over 68,000 medical records requests processed per month

Telegenisys added several request streams to its HIPAA compliance unit processing over 68,000 medical records requests for US Insurance carriers and law offices.

Database cleaning : Update contact information when people move

When you need to reach people who have moved, Telegenisys can help. For many companies with large customer databases Telegenisys locates contact information for people who have recently moved so they can remain valuable customers.

Telegenisys Geo codes lanes on more than 50,000 miles of US highways.

Satellite and Ariel image analysis is a core competency of Telegenisys Inc. Telegenisys frequently geo codes artifacts (objects) on the earth surface. In a large project which is continuing…


Telegenisys has been remarkable to work with! They are a professional, organized, and responsible team who always gets the work done efficiently and effectively. They helped support our business by cleaning and organizing medical records, allowing us to optimize our workflows for better and faster service. 

Bianca F

Product Operations Manager, Genomic Solutions Company

Telegenisys is our preferred partner in the Underwriting area. They provide medical abstracts which enables our underwriting team to make accurate and informed decisions. 

Since we first started our contract in April 2018, we have significantly expanded the team at Telegenisys. Given our positive experience with them, we highly recommend Telegenisys as a partner to support your business.

Kevin M

CEO, Life Expectancy Underwriting

Your whole team quickly overcame our hesitancy with good communication skills and patience in onboarding us as a client. We found your friendly service to be efficient and reliable in delivering high quality medical record reviews. Telegenisys provided secure portals with the upmost care insuring client confidentiality and HIPAA privacy. The medical review was “spot on” both fast and efficient. We will gladly recommend you to others.

Charles M

Firm Administrator, California Law Office

I am the director of marketing and technology for Hoag Real estate in Portland Oregon. Recently we underwent a major move, during which we had to migrate several large business process from one software to another. We hired Telegenisys to assist us with several of the data entry/migration aspects of this process. They went above and beyond to assist us with the process, as well as coming in with a very reasonable quote for the services we required. We will definitely be using Mega Interactive/Telegenisys again!

Caleb K

Director of Marketing & Technology, Real Estate Company

Telegenisys delivers valuable and actionable information time after time. Their approach to support is steadfast around being consistent, accurate, responsive to needs and timely. I am completely satisfied with our relationship with Telegenisys and what they bring to the table. Telegenisys has proven to be an invaluable resource to our Office of the CEO, Research, Sales and Marketing organizations.

Ken L

Enterprise Marketing Manager , Software & Services Company

I recommend without hesitation that you consider Telegenisys for any of your communication or marketing needs. Telegenisys , has been simply superb in his communication and execution of our telemarketing plan. Indeed, I often remark to business associates how Telegenisys is usually several steps ahead of my own planning and is helping to grow our business, so to speak.

Ivan H

Owner, Education Services Company

“has outsourced three activities to Telegenisys. These activities are data entry, medical records collection and chronological sorting of medical records.

For these processes. Telegenisys provides detailed, accurate and timely reports to XXX for each deliverable and meets its SLA commitments for production and quality. XXX is very pleased with the service Telegenisys continues to provide us in each of these three operations areas. The Telegenisys team is responsive proactive and professional. We consider this relationship a true asset to our team and we look forward to our continued work together.

Jimetha S

Vendor Relations Manager, medical Record Retrieval Company

Telegenisys HIPAA client audit positive findings

  • Mature privacy programs which include HIPAA/HITECH
  • Training on privacy and security
  • Policies and procedures for both IT and physical security.

We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with Telegenisys.

Kathleen K

Vice President Compliance & Privacy, medical Records Company

Telegenisys provided us with high quality web content on a variety of topics including travel, consumer products, health and business. They followed all of our specifications, were very flexible regarding our changing requirements, and were always professional and courteous.

Pete K

Content Manager, content development company

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